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Aging Well in Waldo County Gift of a Lift (GOAL)

Since much of Waldo County is rural, finding transportation if you do not have a car or can not drive can be a problem. One thing we found that many people are not aware that there is an existing public transportation service available in Waldo County and they have options that are available to EVERYONE.

In addition, if you are a MaineCare member living in Waldo County, WCAP may be able to assist with transportation or mileage reimbursement to medical appointments. To learn more, please visit the MaineCare Transportation website here:

To find out more, call Waldo CAP Mid-Coast Public Transportation Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (207) 338-4769. Waldo CAP uses public funds to provide public transportation. Often they can offer a solution.

If you are in Belfast, the Belfast City Police offer rides to medical appointments from a Belfast location to a Belfast doctor’s office and return. Passengers must be able to get into and out of the vehicle without assistance. To schedule a ride, call: 338-2420.

Aging Well in Waldo County (AWWC) also would like to provide an all-volunteer transportation service—Gift of a Lift  (GOAL).  This program seeks to encourage people, as they age, to be able to enjoy meaningful lives while living in their homes.  The service will provide free transportation for local medical appointments, errands, socializing, classes, exercises, volunteering, shopping or other activities.

While the Gift of a Lift  (GOAL) program was launched in September 2022, in the Spring of 2023, the GOAL committee chair moved to southern Maine. As of August 2023, a new chair has not been found. AWWC has suspended the program until a new chair steps forward. If you have interest in this leadership role and would like to find out more, please contact AWWC at 207-218-0207 or

If you want to be a Gift of a Lift  (GOAL) driver or to volunteer to serve on the committee, please contact AWWC at 207-218-0207 or

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