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Senior Planning Center, Belfast

Greg Morin, Belfast Senior Planning Center
Greg Morin, Belfast Senior Planning Center

The Senior Planning Center is the leading senior resource in Maine, founded by 

Tony Arruda in Farmington Maine. We have now grown to 6 locations located 

across Maine as well as numerous independent agents serving local communities. 

At the Senior Planning Center, we help secure a quality Medicare health plan to 

best meet the client’s needs, and to lower the client’s cost while expanding their 

healthcare benefits. To this end, we work with the Maine DHHS to help people 

over 65 qualify for the Medicare Savings Program. This program can save seniors 

significant dollars towards their health care and make them eligible for additional 


When we retire our income is reduced. Many seniors are eligible for these 

programs and do not know it. The Senior Planning Center offers a no cost 

evaluation of each senior’s situation. 

We also help people through the Medicare maze as they are turning 65. We are 

overwhelmed with mailings and mis-leading advertising concerning Medicare and 

its numerous options. At the Senior Planning Center qualified professionals, 

representing all the major Medicare health plans, find the plan that best meets the 

needs of the client. 

Your local Senior Planning Center is located in Reny’s Plaza, 1 Belmont Ave. in Belfast 

Maine and is owned and operated by Greg and Jo-Ann Morin. We can be reached by 

calling 207-218-1370.

Medicare Savings Program
Senior Planning Center, Medicare Savings Program

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