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Social Isolation

Waldo County contains many communities. Some have large towns and some are very rural. Social Isolation is one of the three categories identified as a problem by seniors taking the Aging Well in Waldo County Survey (for more information about the survey click here). Therefore, social isolation is one of Aging Well in Waldo County’s target areas. Contact Aging Well in Waldo County for more information: p: 207-218-0207, email:

The Waldo County YMCA

Back in 2017 when Aging Well in Waldo County surveyed Waldo County seniors, the Waldo County YMCA was designated as a community asset for seniors. Early birds can enjoy a cup of coffee and the lively banter of the “End of the Hall Gang.” The Waldo County YMCE is located at 157 Lincolnville Avenue, Belfast, Maine 04915.

Call the YMCA: 207.338.4598

There is a tab titled, Active Older Adults, on the main menu of the Waldo County YMCA website titled where information is be posted about current programs:

Waldo County Libraries

Our libraries offer many programs that help to combat social isolation. Sometimes just getting out and about to visit the library and be among people will help!

Click here for a list of local libraries.

Library Waldo County Maine

Waldo County Places of Worship

Along with our libraries, our places of worship help us to engage in social interaction. If you are not already affiliated with a congregation, Waldo County offers a diverse selection.

Yelp can help you discover or find places you to find places or worship in Waldo County. Just enter “church”, “synagogue”, “place of worship” and “Waldo County Maine” into the search field at the top of the page and click the red search button:

For information about congregational membership in Waldo County follow this link:

Waldo Calling

In the spring of 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 40 volunteers reached out to over 1400 seniors to assist in addressing unmet needs…some people who lived alone appreciated hearing a friendly voice on a weekly basis.

If you would like more information about this program or are interested in volunteering, please call or email Deborah Shepherd:

Phone: 207-218-0207 


Image of a phone for the Aging Well in Waldo County Waldo Calling Project

Aging Well in Waldo County Garden Helpers logo

Garden Helpers

AWWC’s Garden Helpers are back for the 2023 season! Beginning in June 2022 Aging Well in Waldo County (AWWC) is offering light garden help for our elder residents. Michele Carrier-Clinch, of Thorndike, is a Master Gardener, (MGV) and the initiator of this program. She helps senior citizens who love to garden maintain some of the joys of a homegrown tomato, or blooming seasonal flowers. To get started call or email Michele.

phone: 207-218-0207 (Please leave a message about your request.)