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Home Sharing

Looking for a Roommate? Looking for a Room?

Here are some things to consider (for both parties)

  • First of all, consider whether you like having people around? If you rent a room rather than an apartment, you’ll have others sharing your space.
  • How do you feel about: Smoking? Pets? Overnight guests? Noise? Loud music? A musician who needs to practice? Someone of a different background or persuasion? Someone much older or much younger?
  • Find out about prices in your area. If you have a college nearby, you can inquire as to the going rate for a room and shared bath, or check listings of others advertising.
  • Have a first meeting in a public place, like a coffee shop. Ask lots of questions. Perhaps even write down things you want to remember to ask.
  • Don’t accept and room or a roommate from someone you have not met in person.
  • Homeowners may be concerned about the potential roommate’s ability to pay on time. Ask about how long they lived elsewhere. Ask about their job or income source. Consider asking for references. Follow up after the meeting with references or google them if needed to find out more.
  • Consider a second interview at the home to be shared. Don’t proceed if you sense any red flags or feel uncomfortable in any way. This would be true for both parties.

Still Interested?

If you have room in your home to share, or you are looking for a place to live, consider posting a comment here. This is not a matching service. AWWC has no liability for the choices you make as a result of using this site. Proceed carefully and responsibly.

Homeowners: Write an ad for what you have. Describe the room, its size, that it’s unfurnished or just has a bed, the bathroom situation, parking, laundry, kitchen privileges. etc. Describe the location without giving an address, such as “an old Victorian home in a downtown,” or a “Suburban home in a subdivision,” etc. Consider including if roommates can have a pet, distance to town services, a college campus, and any other interesting features (like having a view, being an exceptionally quiet location, having a private entrance, etc.) Of course, list your price.

Potential Roommates: Write a profile of yourself. Include your approximate age range, or something like “young professional” or “mature retired woman.” Acknowledge whether or not you smoke, play a musical instrument, have a pet hamster, whether or not you can manage stairs, or have any other handicapping issues. Consider mentioning how others describe you, such as long term friends, co-workers. Mention if you need a place to park, have your own furnishings, how you feel about animals (in case homeowner has some). Share a few other things about yourself, such as professional background, hobbies, interests, memberships (such as being active in your church, being a volunteer for a charity, etc.). If there are other things a homeowner might need to know, such as a demanding work schedule, allergies to something, that you love to cook or entertain, let them know. More information will help make a better match. Consider posting here on this site.

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