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From Connie’s Kitchen:  Patio Potatoes

This is an easy dish that doesn’t have a formal recipe.  It’s a hit at potlucks, tailgating parties, cookouts, and wherever people gather and eat.  You can cook it in the oven at 360 degrees for an hour or on the gas grill.  Any size-baking pan will work but cover it with foil, so it does not dry out.

Step 1.  Spray or grease a baking pan big enough to provide servings for your crowd.  You can use a Pyrex or ceramic dish if you choose to put this in the microwave.  In this case, use waxed paper or a tight-fitting non-metallic cover instead of foil.

Step 2.  Wash and cut at least 5 russet or round white potatoes into “French fries” that are substantial but all the same thickness.  You need not peel them.  They should cover the bottom of your pan.  I suppose you could use a couple of bags of frozen fries, defrosted.  Get enough potatoes for three layers.

Step 3.  Scatter some small chunks of butter over potatoes, plus a covering of shredded cheddar cheese, sea salt and pepper to taste, and a light scattering of parsley. Fresh, flat-leaf parsley works best.

Step 4.  Repeat Step 2 but spread on sour cream or plain Greek yoghurt for extra flavor.  Season as before.  Or you can repeat the cheese layer.

Step 5.  Repeat Step 2 again, with a generous layer of cheese, the salt and pepper, parsley, and a dusting of Spanish paprika.  Pour a can of evaporated milk, plant-based milk, or regular milk over the whole thing.  You want the bottom of the pan to be just covered with liquid.  Much of it will evaporate and keep the potatoes moist. 

Step 6.  Cover and bake at about 360 degrees for an hour.  When you stick the tip of a sharp knife into the potatoes, they should be quite tender.  If you do use a microwave, set the power to 70%, so the cheese doesn’t get tough, and check for doneness every 5 minutes.  A big dish will take longer in the microwave. 

When you uncover the dish, watch out for the steam.  You may want to let it rest for a few minutes before unveiling your delicious creation!  Enjoy!

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