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COVID 19 Information

About COVID-19 Vaccines

Read COVID-19 Vaccine: Facts and Myths (PDF) by Carol Kuhn, M.D.

Read COVID-19 Vaccine: Questions & Answers (PDF) by Carol Kuhn, M.D.

Where to Get a COVID Vaccine?

Beating the COVID Blues

Read Beating the COVID Blues (PDF) by Suzanne Pelletier and Toni Clark from the the Liberty Aging-Well group.

Aging Well in Waldo County is Providing Assistance Obtaining Groceries, Medicines and Pet Foods

Aging Well in Waldo County, collaborating with TRIAD and Mainers Together, and the City of Belfast and Waldo County Commissioners is offering help for older folks during the COVID crisis.

As part of an “age-friendly” initiative, and a member of the Maine Age-Friendly Community network, we have a phone number folks can call for assistance obtaining needs such as groceries, medicines, and pet foods.

Call TRIAD at 1-866-426-7555. There are drivers standing by to help.

For additional information, call AWWC 207-218-0207 or email

Getting Groceries, Medication and Pet foods in Waldo County

Print the PDF: Getting Groceries, Medication and Pet foods in Waldo County

Prescriptions in Waldo County

Belfast Drug Co.:     

207-338-0441         Located on Starrett Dr. in Belfast.


Accepts phone orders; home delivery available.

Hannaford’s Stores:

  • 207-338-1918; (Belfast)
  • 207-469-3282 (Bucksport)
  • 207-445-3385 (China)

Can mail prescriptions for nominal fee depending on drug; must have credit/debit card; does not retain card numbers on file; Can do override to provide several months refills on prescriptions if refills are available.

Seaport Pharmacy/PCHC:

207-218-6001         Located on Schoodic Dr. in Belfast.

Accepts phone orders and payment, mail prescriptions & provide curbside pickup.


207-338-6844         Located at 269 Maine St. in Belfast.

Once set up with card on file, prescriptions can be sent Fed-Ex; can sign up online; drive thru- window available. On-file card can be set up by family member or friend in person.

*Many prescription plans have mail order service available. Check with your provider.

Groceries in Waldo County

Belfast Co-Op:

207-338-2532      Located at 123 High St. in Belfast.

The Belfast COOP is launching a personal shopping service with curbside pickup for up to 25 items. You can place an order by phone (207-338-2532) or on the website at Belfast COOP Shop for Me.


  • 207-338-5377 (Belfast)
  • 207-469-3282 (Bucksport)
  • 207-445-3385 (So. China)

Hannaford is offering special hours for our 60+ customers are 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. 

Lincolnville General Store

(207) 763-4411269 269 Main Street, Lincolnville, Maine 04849

Store hours are 8:00am-6:00pm.

The Lincolnville General Store is offering curb side and home delivery. Home delivery is available to Lincolnville, Hope, Camden, Appleton, Searsmont, Belmont, Northport and Rockport with a minimum purchase of $25.00, and to Belfast and Union with a $75.00 minimum order.

Please check our menu page for daily menu.

All hot bar menu items will be packaged as meals for one or two. The full pizza menu is available. All cups of coffee, slices of pizza, burgers and other self-serve items are now served by the staff.

Local Farm Products

Many farms across Maine have added alternative ways customers can obtain farm products to accommodate for social distancing in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. More information here…

Swan Lake Grocery

207-338-4029 Located at 979 Swan Lake Avenue in Swanville.

Swan Lake Grocery offers curb-side grocery pick up. Call 207-338-4029 to place an order. The store is convenient for those living in Searsport, Swanville, Frankfort, Monroe and Winterport. Check out the Swan Lake Grocery website.

Tobey’s Grocery:

207-993-2596 Located in So. China, ME.

Working hard to keep shelves stocked.


207-322-9060 (personal shopper) Located on Maine St. in Searsport.

Call the personal shopper Tuesday and Thursday morning, provide check or credit card, and groceries will be delivered (Searsport, Belfast, Stockton, part Swanville only).

Unity Shop n Save:

207-948-2731           Located in Unity, ME.

Working with local volunteers for delivery


  • 207-722-3177 (Brooks)
  • 207-338-1897 (Northport)
  • 207-338-4342 (Belfast)
  • 207-223-5020 (Frankfort)

Working hard to keep shelves stocked.

*Many groceries can be ordered from online retailers, such as who owns Whole Foods

Pet Foods and Meds


207-338-1334                        Located on Rt 1 in Belfast.

Aubuchon has their phone number on each door; accepts phone orders and payments by phone; will deliver to your vehicle in the parking lot.

Family Pet Store:

207-338-4480  Located on Starrett Dr. in Belfast.

No special services at this time.

Loyal Biscuit:

207-594-5369 x100           Located in Reny’s Plaza, Belfast

Call ahead with curbside pickup; home delivery within 10 miles.

Online Sources

Purchase pet foods and other supplies online with free delivery.

Place orders online or by phone, they will contact your vet for approval of anything requiring a prescription.


  • AWWC/Triad have a few volunteers available. Call 1-866-426-7555 or email
  • City of Belfast General Assistance: 207-338-3370 ext 120
  • Maine Assistance: 211

*Sponsored by Aging Well in Waldo County and Waldo County Triad

*The information offered here may change rapidly; this best information was obtained by talking to retailers and using their websites. Our regrets if we accidentally omitted any. This handout only offers helpful options and does not endorse any particular vendor.

*Triad and Aging Well in Waldo County ( give permission to download copies of this on their website, to share or reproduce widely.

The Belfast Chamber of Commerce is continuously updating a detailed webpage with information about the Covid-19 virus about and for local businesses and the community.