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phone: 207-218-0207


AWWC Board of Directors

Christopher Morin, M.D.,Vice-Chair
Jo-ann Morin, Treasurer
Connie Bellet, Artist, Newsletter
Margaret Campbell, Transportation
Michele Carrier-Clinch, Garden Helpers
Betty Johnson, Parliamentarian
Wendy C. Kasten, Ph.D., Newsletter
Kathleen Kearns, Technology, Webmaster
Donna M. Kelley, LCSW, Member At-Large
Janice V. Kristo, Ph.D., Editor, Village-Wise
Carol Kuhn, M.D., Social Isolation
Greg Morin, Member At-large
Deborah K. Shepherd, MSW, Social Isolation
Marje Stickler, LCSW, Publicity and Outreach
Jason Trundy, Waldo County Sheriff