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Buying Eyeglasses Online

Did you know that you can buy high quality eyeglasses online? Cheaper?

How much did you spend on your last pair of eyeglasses? Hundreds? Even close to $1000? Even after so-called “Vision insurance?”

You can buy your next eyeglasses online. No matter what kind you like, no matter your need for bifocals, or progressive lenses, or a complicated prescription, you can still buy your next eyeglasses online.

  • Ask your eye doctor to write your prescription assuming you will buy online. They will then include your “pupillary distance,” which is the measurement between the center of your eyes.
  • Check out online eyeglass sellers such as; and others. We are not personally endorsing any particular seller here. Read reviews by past customers. Play with the sites to see what they offer and how they work.
  • Generally, you are directed to take a photo of yourself in their software. Take the photo close-up and without wearing your glasses. The site will create a picture of you, sometimes even a 3-dimensional one, where you can see your photo from side to side as you turn your head.
  • Browse the many styles they offer. Probably you already know what shapes and sizes are likely to work for you. The systems will separate styles by small, medium, large based on your face shape. You can click on as many as you like, and save them as “favorites.”
  • Somewhere there will be a place on the page to “try on” the glasses. The site will put each pair of glasses on a copy of your face for your perusal. This is actually fun. Frame prices range for $7.00 to about $50.
  • If you decide to buy, read all directions carefully. You will add the frame you chose to your shopping cart; you will be prompted to enter your prescription information. Do this carefully and check perhaps twice or more to ensure you have all the numbers in the right places. Most sites have a phone or chat box if you need help.
  • Then you will be prompted to make your other selections, such as UV protection, lighter weight lenses, “transitions” lenses, progressive lenses, scratch-proof coating, etc.  Some of these will have costs listed, some may not.
  • Review your order. There’s a lot of information to consider, so review carefully.
  • You will be prompted for your shipping information and payment information, as usual in online purchases.
  • You will be given an approximate timetable for your order, and you will be informed by email when they ship. Print and save your receipt for your purchase.
  • Now all sites offer sunglasses for complicated prescriptions, so shop around.
  • Probably some sites take insurance, but with these prices, you might not need your insurance.
  • Here’s the kick: The average accumulated price with all your choices is between $70.00- $140.

Here’s how to do it:

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